California Climate Adaptation Strategy

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What is the California Climate Adaptation Strategy?

The California Climate Adaptation Strategy, mandated by Assembly Bill 1482 (Gordon, 2015), links together the state’s existing and planned climate adaptation efforts, showing how they fit together to achieve California’s six climate resilience priorities. The Strategy is organized around outcome-based priorities, enabling a coordinated, integrated approach to building climate resilience.

Strategy Overview

California Climate Adaptation Strategy Implementation Progress Report

The Implementation Progress Report for the 2021 California Climate Adaptation Strategy summarizes the state's overall progress in 2022 to implement the Strategy and highlights key accomplishments that support the Strategy's six priorities.

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Climate Adaptation in Partnership with California Native American Tribes

Tribal nations are critical leaders and key knowledge holders in land stewardship, habitat restoration, and natural resource management. In recognition of this truth and the critical importance of partnership with California’s many Native American tribes to strengthen climate resilience, this Strategy commits to incorporating and supporting tribal expertise and traditional ecological knowledge into this work at all levels.

Tribal Partnerships

Climate Impacts

While the impacts vary in different regions of California, the evidence is clear – every corner of the state is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Explore the summary of projected climate change impacts on California.

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